Our Green Guide is based on the following guidelines

We are passionate about working in the tourism industry and we host
people from all over the world. At the same time, we love our planet and want to
and therefore want to do our part to travel in a more ecologically responsible way.


Environmental awareness, sustainability and the preservation of our nature
are firmly anchored in the company genes.


Care for
the planet

We provide our guests with environmentally friendly products and services We work together with companies that also act responsibly.


Value and

We raise our employees’ awareness of environmental protection and promote solidarity projects and diversity within the company.


Work smart
and local

We work with local companies and people and digitalise work steps to save resources.

Save energy

  • Energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Energy efficiency class A electrical devices
  • Waste separation and recycling
  • Water saving features
  • Towels changed only on request
  • Staff trainings for sustainable development

Fair and local

  • Regional products
  • Fair trade and organic quality
  • Placemats from recycled paper
  • Suppliers and services from the region

Reduce waste

  • 100% Eco soap and shampoo to refill
  • No disposable packaging
  • Breakfast buffet No pre-packaged single packs
  • Less paper waste with our digital Guest Journey right on their smartphone from check-in to invoice

Diversity and solidarity

  • International and diverse team
  • Support for new staff from abroad
  • Respectful and fair interaction within the team and an open welcoming culture
  • Own aid projects, such as ``everybedhelps

Our engagementActing together

How you can help us

Reduce water consumption
  • Turn off the tap
  • Don't let the water run unnecessarily
  • Only put towels on the floor when you want them changed
Share conviction
  • Use public transport, rental bikes or car sharing services offered in many cities (more information at the reception and in the information folder, Book Conciergerie)
Support regional
  • Buy more fresh, seasonal produce
  • Use preferably organic products
  • Discover local specialties
Save energy
  • Switch off the lighting and air conditioning when leaving
  • Do not leave electrical appliances in stand-by mode, switch them off completely
  • Only switch on the dishwasher and washing machine when they are completely full
Avoid waste
  • Separate the waste in your apartment
  • Use the waste separation stations available on each floor
  • Avoid throwaway and disposable products
Social and Solidary
  • Responsible interaction with each other
  • Be helpfulness

We are always happy to receive your feedback and also accept criticism,
because that’s the only way we can continue to develop.